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Why so popular? Simple - the killer combo of getting more, and paying less.

We allow you to remove all middlemen, and go directly to the journalists, editors, publishers!

We regularly get our clients on places like Bloomberg, Marketwatch, Google News, ABC News, Apple News, Crypto Press, NBC, Coinmarkets, CoinSpectator, ICOShock, CryptoQoins, CoinWhaleNews, Digital Journal, ICOMarkets, FOX - and so many more.

● Published To Crypto Press Association official feed.
● Syndicated to Google News - Android Users.
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● Cryptocurrency news sites.
● Business, Investing, and Finance sites.
● Mainstream news TV/Newspapers
● Tech news sites.
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● Posted to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Minds (400,000+ users)..

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