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Using Syscoin 3.2 (SHA256) source code. Your coin will be a merge-minable SHA256 cryptocurrency hybrid layer 2 PoW/PoS consensus with bonded validator system (masternodes). Mineable either exclusively or via merge-mining any SHA256 PoW coin.

With Decentralized Governance By Blockchain that allows masternode owners to vote on budget proposals and decisions that will affect your coin.

ATTENTION: For this service, Escrow will need to be release immediately after I present you with a functioning Windows QT wallet. All (pool, explorer, website, setting up servers etc...) will be halted until you do so.

What you will get:

• Name and abbreviation of your choice
• Unique Merkle hash and Genesis block
• Coin parameters of your choice
• Windows Wallet Qt 64bits binaries and sources
• One coin dedicated daemon for 1 year.
• Responsive 1 page Website for your coin. (see example at: https://coldwallet2020.com)
• Source Code added to GitHub
• Wiki creation on GitHub with Masternode procedure and coin info.
• Your coin Announcement on https://cryptocointalk.com
• Blockchain Explorer for your coin for 1 year
• Pool for your coin for 1 year
• Online Proposal Creator for 1 year
• One year Hosting(for 3 servers) included for Website, Pool, Explorer(then $450 per year. 84 for Explorer & Proposal Creator, 336 for pool and 30 for website)
• Tree Months Support (Prepaid Bulk Hours available for extended support)

NOTE: Your Coin, Pool Platform, Website will be ready in less than 10 business days after payment and all requirements. The Block Explorer, Online Proposal Creator and WIKI will follow 3 business days after launching your coin.

Requirements (if you don't have these below I will assist you):

• Coin Logo(PNG 256px X 256px) or I will create one for you
• Coin Parameters:Your coin name (Coin name can contain only alphabetical letters and numbers)
• Your coin abbreviation(only alphabetical letters e.g. Bitcoin = BTC)
• Premined Coins 0 or % or amount
• Block Reward (e.g. 42 coins. 10% (4.20) go to budget proposals, 22.5% (9.45) to miners and 67.5% (28.35) to masternodes)
• Masternode collateral (e.g. DASH MN collateral is 1000)
• Block halving rate (yearly decline of 5%)
• Max Coins Supply (e.g. Bitcoin = 21,000,000)
• Target spacing in minutes (How much time it should take to mine one block e.g. Bitcoin = 10 minutes)
• Coinbase maturity (How many blocks must be mined after a block is ready for use e.g. 40 blocks)

Tips to promote your coin: Use Social Medias(Begin a Blog, Group, Page, Forum, Telegram channel, Discord channel, Write Articles), create Videos(Promotional, Instructional, Testimonial), try Paid Advertising(Pay Per Click ads with Facebook, Google Ad-words, Twitter), also Traditional Strategies(business cards, classified ads, magazines, stationery, brochures), and Email marketing (Signature, Email Newsletters, Rent targeted commercial email lists, please don't spam).

Give me the word…let's get started.


Since this is a non-tangible irrevocable good, I do not issue refund once the order is completed.


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