E-commerce/E-business tools at zero monthly cost

E-commerce / E-business tools which generate no monthly operational costs

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Most web applications, including simple applications like contact, RFQ, order, payment, registration or send file forms–utilized as part of an otherwise static website / on-line presence–see inconsistent usage, with peak periods alternating with times of little to no traffic.

If so far you paid for a server which was constantly running and always available, even when unused, only to handle such form submissions or web application functionalities, that server is no longer needed!

This highly-efficient approach to building and hosting web applications enables scalability on-demand and eliminates the need for system administration and paying for idle resources, thus significantly reduces operational costs–for most micro/small businesses, organizations, professionals, and artists, this results in reducing operational costs down to zero!

Choose from available pre-built forms–such as contact, RFQ, product / service order, payment, registration, send file–and features such as on-line payments via PayPal, configurable coupons, uploads of files up to 5GB in size, and many more, or have one built exactly as per your requirements.

Price and delivery time depends on scope – contact before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: How can running my forms / on-line business & e-commerce tools serverless bring operational costs down to zero?
A: Most major serverless providers (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, IBM OpenWhisk) include up to 1 million executions in free-tier each month, therefore if you receive less than 1 million form submissions each month, you will not pay anything!

Q: What if I receive more than one 1 million form submissions each month?
A: More intensive usage will incur minimal additional charges, e.g. $0.41 per each additional 1 million executions for AWS Lambda; see e.g. http://serverlesscalc.com/ to compare costs across different serverless providers. All operational costs, if incurred, are payable to serverless provider.

Q: What are the benefits over online form builder services?
A: a) Such services have a cap–set at a very low level–on number of monthly form submissions above which you start incurring significant monthly costs
b) You have full control over front-end code, can order any design or functionality customization, and not be restricted to what such service offers!

Q: Does price include “front-end" code (the form itself)?
A: Yes, price includes delivery of “front-end" code (the form itself, i.e. HTML, CSS and any JavaScript files) to you as ZIP archive, which you can then upload to your website. Optionally, you can choose to have this installed for you as well.

Q: Does price include deployment of “back-end“ code to serverless provider?
A: Yes, all packages include the deployment of “back-end“ code to serverless provider. However, in case you do not have an account with serverless provider yet, or need help setting it up, please make sure to add that as extra to your order.

Q: If I trust you to configure these for me, will you ever see my account passwords?
A: All configuration is done via remote desktop tool, e.g. "Chrome Remote Desktop", "FreeRDP", or VNC client, and you can see all that is done. You will never be asked to provide main passwords for your accounts.


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