Documentation and architecture automation

Living documentation including Documentation as Code and Architecture as Code

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From simple projects to those consisting of hundreds of modules, both OSGi and non-OSGi, I can help with:
• Architecture as code
• Documentation as code
• REST API Documentation–any JAX RS implementation, static, build time or runtime generation

Understanding software must include its surroundings–architecture, dependencies, knowing how to deploy, common issues, etc. These must reflect the latest changes applied, therefore manually produced documentation is usually out of question, because, quite simply, it goes stale too fast and hinders instead of helping.

Answer to this is living documentation–meaning, both documentation and architecture versioned and stored just like code and automatically generated whenever latest changes must be reflected. One can go even further and treat source code as the single point of truth and with proper tooling automatically generate from source code multiple architectural views, representing different levels of abstraction. If your product exposes a REST API, same approach can be applied to obtain an up to date API documentation.

Price and delivery time depends on scope – contact before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: What exactly would be next steps after I get in touch for quote with my requirements?
A: I will ask any clarifying questions necessary, then create a custom proposal for you, and once you place your order, I will perform any necessary engineering work to deliver the final solution.

Q: What if I do not have exact requirements yet?
A: I will create a mini-proposal for 1-2 consulting sessions, during which I will work with you to clearly understand your needs, as well as your existing product or service, and scope the project. Output from this will be requirements for implementation phase, to be treated as a separate project.


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