Build Automation (Maven, Tycho, Eclipse, plugins)

Maven, Tycho, Eclipse, Docker build automation, including custom Maven / Tycho plugins

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I can help with:
• Automating Maven build
• Automating Docker container build as part of Maven build pipeline
• Creating custom Maven plugin
• Automating Tycho build
• Migrating Eclipse product build to Tycho
• Creating custom Tycho plugin
• and other Maven, Tycho, Eclipse, Docker build automation needs

Perhaps you're just starting transitioning to DevOps, or have a legacy product which you'd like to include in your CI/CD pipeline, or your existing build is not yet fully automated–requires human intervention and/or does not have all of its steps repeatable–or you're not using yet Tycho for your Eclipse products, or require custom Tycho or Maven plugins?

Build automation is not only the absolute prerequisite step for both Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) to be implemented in your organization, but brings numerous benefits of its own, including eliminating a source of variation and thus defects, providing living documentation of assumptions about the target environment and of dependencies on 3rd party products, increasing efficiency as well as product / service quality, and more.

Price and delivery time depends on scope – contact before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: What exactly would be next steps after I get in touch for quote with my requirements?
A: I will ask any clarifying questions necessary, then create a custom proposal for you, and once you place your order, I will perform any necessary engineering work to deliver the final solution.

Q: What if I do not have exact requirements yet?
A: I will create a mini-proposal for 1-2 consulting sessions, during which I will work with you to clearly understand your needs, as well as your existing product or service, and scope the project. Output from this will be requirements for implementation phase, to be treated as a separate project.


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