Professional Smart Contract Audit

In this gig we will do a security audit of your ERC20 Token or ICO smart contract.

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Before you roll out your awesome project, it's always a good idea to ensure that there are no security loopholes in it. People have lost fortunes because of hacks.

Customers’ trust is everything!

Our contract security audit provides an industry-defining, comprehensive, and rigorous analysis of your code. We've performed professional smart contract security audits for over 42 companies.

Why do an Audit?
- To make sure your Token is fully secure and fix any potential vulnerabilities so that any potential future mishap is prevented.
- To win buyer’s and token holders trust by proving to them your token is secure.
- To have it ready as one of the required documents for listing in reputable exchanges.

By catching the vulnerabilities in the code and suggesting fixes, we've probably saved our customers from future mishaps which might otherwise would have happened if they had not fixed the issues in the beginning!

To be more confident about the security of your smart contract, place an order and get it reviewed.

Sometimes, a little extra effort goes a long way.


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