Hacker Proof ERC20 Token On Ethereum Blockchain

In this gig we will create your own ERC20 Token which will be HACKER PROOF!

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Total Supply (100 Million)

Hacker Proof?
Yes, if you don't already know, we would like to tell you that Blockchain is immutable, once deployed the existing code cannot be changed, that's why if in the beginning you get bad code it will surely cause you a loss of a lot of funds later to hackers, cuz see there are already so many known ERC20 and Smart Contract Attacks:

The ERC20 Approval Doublespend Attack (A hacker can spend the token TWICE !?)
Short Address Attack (A hacker was able to claim 256k tokens by depositing just 1k tokens using this one!!!)
Underflow Overflow Attack
Batchoverflow Attack (hundreds of tokens on Binance were hacked cuz of this one!!!)

And many many more known attacks guys... we can keep on explaining things about them!

Our team follow the OpenZeppelin Security Standards for Smart Contracts and ERC20 Token security, tested for security thousands of times by the community, we will surely deliver a very strong and secure product! You can get it Certified For security by Blockchain Consilium!

Let's talk about what you need.


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