CNC Plasma cutting machine design

Need technical drawings with dimensions and design rendering for 3 sizes of cnc plasma cutters.

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Need technical drawings with dimensions for 3 sizes of cnc plasma cutting machines, with renderings of the final product.
Sizes are 2X1 meter cut area for the small one, 3X1.5 meters for the middle one, 6X2 meters for the big one. Those are cutting dimensions, the final machine dimensions are bigger.
Material to be used : Square metal tubing all dimensions, L metal profile all dimensions, metal plates, bended metal plates.
Hardware parts for reference design: supported round linear rails with TBR carriages, 16mm for the small one, 20mm for the middle one and 30mm for the big one.
Rack and pinion drive on X and Y axis, belt reduction, NEMA 23 motors for the small and middle one, NEMA 34 for the big one, Z axis screw driven with Nema 17 motor.
Must look good ( better than the ones on the internet ), must have an operator console on one side that can be moved to the other side if needed.
Pictures of a rough idea first upload to google drive, even a scribble will do.
Images from the internet will be grounds for total rejection.


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