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Landing page for your business, ICO or just a personal site -3 pages-

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This gig is for non web dependent business that only need a basic website for broadcasting and creating awareness for their business or just for online presence. You can have up to three pages of information about your business, not special functionality is attached to the gig.
Another aspect of the gig is a personal website or blog for sharing your ideas with the world or just a family or friends website.
It can also cover a landing page for business or ICO.

Some purpose include:
*personal blog
*Image sharing blog
*personal website
*Landing page

Major points of our design include:
*Responsive design
*Easy extension
*Easy editing
*You will be thought how to fully interact with your site
*SEO friendly website
*Google verification
*Tidied back-end
*Response to any problem you encounter on any site you built with us

**This gig will give you only a maximum of 3 pages

To contact us;
You can visit our site:
or email: [email protected]

We look forward to your feedback after completing the gig. Thanks.


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