I Will Write Your Message On Super Mario World

Be unique and original by delivering your message on a Super Nintendo game.

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I will write your custom text in the castle cleared sequence of Super Mario World, and give you an HD video (1280x720, in avi, mov, mpg or mp4 format) of it. I can record or not the whole previous boss fight as well.

I can only write english characters, numbers, and the following symbols: ,.!?()'-

I cannot write german characters, nor accents like á,ó,ú, etc.

Maximum of 160 characters.

Perfect for:
Happy birthdays
Valentines day

Please check a sample of the gig:


Gig extras:
- For $5 I'll upload to youtube as a hidden video and give you the link.

I offer as well a gig to write your message on the original Super Mario Bros. Check it out in my profile!


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