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We are looking for blockchain developers on various blockchain projects development (Java/Golang/C++/Solidity/Swift/Kotlin)

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We a blockchain company and we are also looking for developers to work on tasks as follows (Java/Python/C++/Golang/SoliditySwift/Kotlin etc)

Task 1: IOST Chrome plug-in Wallet
Task 2: Multi-language SDKs
Task 3: IOST online IDE
Task 4: Smart Contract Development Framework
Task 5: Language translation of IOST Docs
Task 6: Hardware Wallet Integration
Task 7: Mac/PC Wallet
Task 8: iOS/Android Wallet
Task 9: DApp Demo and Courses

Please feel free to join our group chat on Slack, and discuss with us about projects you are interested in:

Email: [email protected]


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