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Whitepapers are documents that allows businesses to share the following information with their audience.

The project vision and long term goals of the company
A problem that exists in the market
Generate publicity for the company
Introduce the project founders and inform the public on character and reputation
Distribute information about the business
Present technical knowledge about how the problem will be solved

Importance Of Whitepapers
A whitepaper allows an ICO to gain a level of credibility and trust. The goal is to show potential investors that the founders have a legitimate business idea that will succeed.

Serious investors won’t invest in a project that lacks information on the technology. That same concept applies in presenting the experience of the founders and developers.

A badly written whitepaper, or lack of a whitepaper altogether, will assuredly be seen as a red flag in the legitimacy of an ICO.

In this GIG, I will write a whitepaper that will convince your investors about your project descriptively showcasing all about your project in a nutshell.


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