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Sales and marketing person needed to acquire customers for a highly unique cryptographically secured futures investment market. This gig is paid for delivery and performance.

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Statler Waldorf Commodities offers investors a safe, secure, and anonymous vehicle to invest into one of the fastest growing markets ever. The entire platform is anonymous and provides investors a very healthy return on investment.


We are looking for someone to promote the opportunity in a way that gets customers. Because the nature of the investment is to keep everything 100% anonymous we do not have any form of tracking software on the site for affiliates. So instead we are going to hire promotors/sales people one at a time for a fixed time frame. If you are hired for a time frame ALL sales that happen within those dates provide you a very healthy commission.

About You

The ideal candidate to promote Statler Waldorf Commodities is someone who has experience promoting ICOs, Blockchain related products, and investments. You should be someone who is very self motivated and skilled at getting in front of the right audience for this product. You are 100% responsible for getting customers during your time block. You can choose to pay for ads, network on forums, or maybe you have access to a group of people that this opportunity fits. Or anything else you believe will be successful. You have complete control over your success.


For any and all sales that happen during the time frame you are hired you will be paid the equivalent of 1500 USD per contract sold. Regardless of where the customer came from.

If you are good and bring in consistent clients you will be invited to stay on for another time block to capitalize on any work you have done.

Winning This Job

To apply for this job please submit your proposal with the following:

What time frame do you believe you require to be successful?
Have you sold opportunities like this before?
Do you currently have a network of potential customers that fit this opportunity?


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