I will build a News and Information website

A professional News and Information website for a range of purposes (8 pages)

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A professional News and Information website. For a range of News purposes from Political, International to Cryptocurrency News, integrated with all the necessary parameters for that purpose. Smooth and custom design that can easily be modelled on an app.
An information sharing site to broadcast a custom type of information like current market prices or current state of products.

*Smooth design
*Professional News site
*Easy update
*Necessary plugins
*Responsive design for PC, Mobile and Medium screen
*Easy expansion
*Easy modelling to an app
*Professional design
*Interactive process

**Maximum page is "8", you'll have to pay more for more pages. Just contact me about that.

**To speed up the number of days for delivery, contact me

I like to make the creation process interactive, to almost prevent not getting my user satisfied, so with every stage achieved you test to see if its going the way you want before the final delivery.

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