I will design a Basic website or Personal website

A basic website for non-website dependent businesses and small scale businesses or a personal website or blog for you use to share with the world and add to your portfolio. (3 pages)

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This gig is for a Simple basic website of any form, can used for anything like small scale business. If you are not looking for anything complex but just a one to three pages of information about your business or project. this is useful for businesses or projects that is not website dependent but needs a website for broadcasting information and awareness and online presence.
Also in this gig is:
A simple personal website or blog to share your ideas and statuses with the world and add to your portfolio. You can use it to share information about you, your family and other important things. Can be a simple image gallery or just a information website.

*Smooth design
*Ideal basic business site
*Ideal personal site
*Easy update
*Basic plugins
*Responsive design for PC, Mobile and Medium screen
*Easy expansion
*Professional design
*Interactive process

Maximum page is "3", you'll have to pay more for more pages. Just contact me about that.

I like to make the creation process interactive, to almost prevent not getting my user satisfied, so with every stage achieved you test to see if its going the way you want before the final delivery.

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