ICO website and Cryptocurrency Project Website

A sophisticated ICO Platform with KYC and will be used for Platform official website after ICO. Or a Full Crytocurrency web platform (10 pages)

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I'll build a sophisticated ICO website with KYC. Member can complete tasks on their dashboard. On-site or Off site Airdrop and bounty option available which will help build your Social media followers. Integrated with your ERC20 for Automatic address generation for backers and automatic transaction generation (only if it's an ERC20 token). A fully integrated website. Can be used for the project official platform after ICO.

The second in this gig is the design of a full Cryptocurrency Platform after your ICO or just for your project in general. Can include user login and dashboard tasks and info. Will integrate whatever you are offering in your project, if for example you are creating a project that deals with ICO and Airdrop listings, it will be fully integrated.
NOTE: For advance projects like Exchange and likes, I will just do a dummy here that is because you will have to pay more for that, so if your project is like this, you can contact me so we will discuss about it.

*Smooth design
*Automated ICO process
*On-platform Airdrop and Bounty
*Increase social media followers through Airdrop and Bounty
*Ideal platform for project awareness
*Full project platform
*Easy update
*Necessary plugins
*Responsive design for PC, Mobile and Medium screen
*Easy expansion
*Easy modelling to an app
*Professional design
*Interactive process

**Maximum pages is "10", you'll have to pay more for more pages. Just contact me about that

**To speed up the number of days for delivery, contact me

I like to make the creation process interactive, to almost prevent not getting my user satisfied, so with every stage achieved you test to see if its going the way you want before the final delivery.

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If you're looking for something else, then contact me.


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