I will create a professional social website

A sophisticated social website where users can like, follow and interact. (10 pages)

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A professional website with follow feature where users can follow each other, interact through private messaging, like and react to posts, share statuses, create groups and do everything you can do on say Facebook or Twitter. With all necessary tools and a wide range of possibility. User profile pic and background pic, status updates. This gig also include its integration so you can have all this social ability operating under your site to broaden its scope.

You may want it integrated into an existing website or on a unique website, just contact me.

Just state to what social extent you want the site to go.

*Smooth design
*Professional Social site
*Easy update
*Necessary plugins
*Responsive design for PC, Mobile and Medium screen
*Easy expansion
*Easy modelling to an app
*Professional design
*Full user interaction
*Profile and Background pic uploads
*Interactive process

**Maximum page is "10", you'll have to pay more for more pages. Just contact me about that.

**To speed up the number of days for delivery, contact me

I like to make the creation process interactive, to almost prevent not getting my user satisfied, so with every stage achieved you test to see if its going the way you want before the final delivery.

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