Google Analytics Tracking Setup

Implementation and configuration of Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager including custom tracking for previously defined user interactions as well as basic KPIs

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Domains: 1 (incl. minor subdomains)
KPIs: all standard KPIs plus 5 custom KPIs

Standard KPIs
- Scroll tracking
- Social share clicks
- Page exits
- Contact actions (email and phone number clicks)
- Site search

Examples for custom KPIs
- Form submits
- Video interaction
- Checkout flow
- eCommerce conversions
- Content categorization
- Form error tracking
- Time on form
- Custom user engagement tracking

Best practice Google Analytics configuration
- Exclusion of wrong referrer traffic
- Exclusion of internal traffic
- Urls and campaign data in lowercase
- Monitoring with email notification, e.g. weekly avg. pagespeed declined 20%
- Best practice Google Analytics account structure
- Goal setup

1. Analysis of Business needs - (talk and website analysis) - Lets talk about what questions have to be answered primarily for your website
2. Definition of interactions (KPIs) to track - Let’s define what to track, when it happens and how it should be collected
3. Datalayer design - Preparation of custom javascript to prepare data on relevant pages
4. Datalayer & Google Tag Manager implementation - Script implementation
5. Google Tag Manager configuration - Script and tag implementation
6. Google Analytics configuration - Configuration for goals, filters, flows, content groupings ...
7. Custom campaign tracking sheet - to use for campaign tracking
8. Handover - Go through and handover doc

Note: Onepager or AJAX websites need to be scoped upon review, since they are not built with usual page loads and hence Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics don’t work properly. Upon review we have to find a custom implementation for the site.


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