All short films less than 20 pages: Standard price. For feature films: >20pages: Standard price + (0.008 per additional page) Each rewrite request: 50% of initial quoted price.

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Have a good film idea? Pitch it to us and let our team of award winning writers weave imagination into words.

Here's how it works.

1) You email me your treatment for the film, the key plot points, and your budget for the film, so that I can plan the script accordingly.
2) I write a quick plot point chart for you to roughly confirm that what you want is correct. This is free, and you can request as many edits as you want.
3) I offer you a timeframe, you accept it and send me the payment. I begin to write.
4) The finished work is returned to you. If you don't like it, you may request a rewrite at an additional cost of half the original quoted price.

Short films below 20 pages (roughly 20 minutes) costs 0.1748895ETH. Need a longer film? Tell us approximately how long you need it to be, and we'll work out an agreeable price. The standard price per extra page is 0.008 but that is negotiable.


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