Original Music For Babies And Children

I Will Compose Original Music For Babies And Children.

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My name is Gustavo Vieira and i'm from Portugal.
I've been composing lullaby versions of famous songs for quite some time. I will compose original music just for you with my synth keyboard, with any mood you like (calm, relaxing, active, more suitable for babies, more suitable for children, to put baby to sleep, to give energy, calm, upbeat,... you name it).

For the price shown i will do a song with these features:
-Up to 30 seconds long
-Up to 2 instruments
-File in mp3
-Straight recording (no mastering)

If you want more features like a longer song, extra instruments, a wav file, mixing and mastering or even commercial use, it will cost more.

You can listen to an audio reel of some of the music i've done:


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