Computer repair/assistance

Will fix and/or diagnose issues with your computer. Can repair most computers with viruses, but can't fix hardware failures.

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Is your computer having problems? Is Windows really slow? Are you out of space? Or does your computer only boot to an error message? These are all issues that I could potentially fix.

I can repair:
- Computers that are really slow/out of space
- Computers that constantly freeze after the Windows 10 upgrade
- Computers filled with viruses
- Computers that cannot boot Windows and instead display an error message or a blue screen.

I can assist you with:
- Installing a new operating system (e.g: Linux or Android)
- Limiting/disabling Windows Update in Windows 10 (so it doesn't use all your bandwidth)

I cannot repair:
- Computers made by Apple (no experience with macOS)
- Computers with hardware failures (but I can diagnose the problem)
- Computers with no BIOS

In some cases, you may need one or more of the following:
- Access to an administrator account on another computer
- A blank DVD-R disk or a blank 8GB+ USB drive
- A 4GB+ USB drive

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional, but a hobbyist who has fixed several computers.


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