Logo Design & Branding

I will create a logo that represents your business and enhances your brand.

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I will create a flat logo design with social media kits, incorporating mockups, slogan/tagline and branding package for your business/brand.

Building a brand or company is a difficult process, some of the most difficult steps are when naming, finding a logo and slogan for your brand. Minimalism is a great way to convey your message and never confuse the customers.

Incremental Logo ( one with a symbol, name of company, with tagline & all together )
2 D logo in both white and black/ other brand colour palette
Typography & Handwritten fonts
Market Research & Branding

Your customers are impatient, distracted and value time. Don't be fooled by bells and whistles if they are not needed, they take away from your brand. Design is the art of simplicity. Simplicity is beautiful. We don't design for brands, we design for the people interacting with them.



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