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You will receive a Github account which is more than 4 years old.

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You often need an good github account for various things be it a job or anything else.

In cases when you need to show off you Github Account it dosn't looks good if you have a fresh one with no commits. Everyone knows its unfair so why not change it?
Get a good one now including at least 50 commits in the last year. (No hacked accounts!)

Is it possible to change my username.
Yes that's no problem you can change it in the github settings.
Is it possible to change the github name?
Same as above.
Do these accounts get banned?
I already sold many accounts and I never saw a single one banned. If it should happen anyways, I will give you a new one.
Can I decide the type of commits (C++, Java, Writing ...)
Yes you can tell me the type of the commits you want when buying the gig.


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