How To Make An ICO
For Less Than 8 ETH

A complete guide to making an ICO with Blocklancer

The rise of cryptotechnolgies has given many people great ideas as to how to use the advantages of cryptotechnolgy in order solve many problems or create new and fascinating products, which would be hardly possible or way too challenging to realize using only the means available with current conventional technologies.

But having a great idea is unfortunately not the only requirement for creating innovative products using the cryptospace. When creating a new coin, you want as many people as possible to support your ideas and back your project financially during your ICO.

And an ICO is quite the labor-intense venture, which might get the best of a small group of people with limited resources at hand.

But creating an ICO on your own is not the be all and end all of launching a successful crypto-project. Gigs for all the important steps and milestones for your ICO are available for sale on Blocklancer and many formidable freelancers are waiting for you to buy their services.

This document will serve as a guide as to how to organize and create a successful ICO - by hiring freelancers on our website – and you can also regard this as a checklist so that you do not forget any important steps needed for a great presentation of your project to the crypto community.

Step #1: Making a brand for your idea

The very first thing you would want to do is making a recognizable brand for your idea. For many people, this is one of the greatest problems they have to face since knowing how to maximize your presence on the internet and how to grab and hold the attention of the people is a challenging task.

Luckily, you can find gigs for creating a brand on our website and thus circumvent this problem altogether and leave the branding to an expert, who has the experience and knowledge needed for this task.

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Step #2: Creating a logo to represent your brand

Now that you have got yourself a recognizable brand for your project, you need a logo which represents your project and allows people to remember your project upon seeing it somewhere.

This is crucial for your success because even the best ideas will not turn any profit without a great logo.

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Step #3: Writing a whitepaper to explain your ideas

Despite having a great brand and logo, nobody will be willing to back you during your ICO if they don’t understand your project entirely.

Thus, you will need to explain your thoughts and ideas in a whitepaper which can be a seemingly insurmountable task for many people, because only a long, well-written whitepaper which goes into details will convince an interested reader of the potential success of your project.

Once again, many well versed and experienced writers are willing to take this job off your hands and write a whitepaper in thorough detail with only minimal input from your side.

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Step #4: Create a smart contract for your token sale

If you want to proceed with your ICO, you need a smart contract for your token sale. But not everybody with a keen mind for great business ideas also has the technological expertise to create such a smart contract.

On our website, you can find gigs with which your can overcome this bothersome hurdle and continue with your token sale without having to take on this task yourself.

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Tokensale (ICO) Contract
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Step #5: Create a website for your ICO

The last thing you need is a website on which you customers can buy your tokens in order to invest in your project. But creating such a website is no easy task, especially considering the safety measures needed to guarantee a secure ICO.

But of course, you can find freelancers who offer you to create such a website for adequate compensation, thus enabling you to launch your ICO finally.

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Website for your business
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You're Done!

Congratulations! You have now created a great foundation for your upcoming ICO. Your ICO is finished including the smart contract, your web presence and is ready for your users to contribute to your ICO.