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I used to sell on Fiverr, but they don’t accept my Chinese bank account, therefore I can’t withdraw my rightful compensation. Luckily, on Blocklancer I don’t have to deal with this discrimination.

Lian YüanFreelancer from China

I have been active on most freelancing websites and they all collect an absurd amount of fees unwarranted for what little work they do. I call this theft and luckily Blocklancer is breaking this circle by introducing a fair amount of fees.

Luke ZhirovProgrammer from Russia

I don’t want to present my real identity on freelancing websites, because in my country selling certain things can be problematic. On Blocklancer, you can stay completely anonymous contrary to all the other freelancing websites.

Iqbal Khayri TotahFreelancer from Iran

The Paypal terms and conditions are just absurd. People can just claim their transactions have been unwanted and Paypal will reverse it without second thought. This is too much of a hassle for me and I much prefer the simplicity of Blocklancer’s payment system.

Morten JørgensenDesigner from Denmark

I sold social media followers on Fiverr, but apparently this contradicts their rules, because as of recently my account has been banned and now I can’t continue my work. On Blocklancer, I don’t have to deal with all these rules, I can concentrate on my work.

Kevin J. WrenPR Consultant from America

I am steaming currently because has banned my account without telling me their reasons. I am dependent on the income from freelancing! This was the final straw, I am done with Blocklancer is much more transparent and reliable.

Satomi AokiTranslator from Japan

I really like the simplicity of Blocklancer. You don’t have to deal with bank transactions or Paypal, because their payment system is built-in. You can just delve right into the world of freelancing and earn some great money.

Teuvo ParviainenTranslation Agency in Finland

On all freelancing websites you need some form of identification, e. g. a pass from your country. But those things aren’t everywhere that easy to get in my home country. You don’t need those things on Blocklancer, which is a great decision in my book.

Chander ThackerProgrammer from Mali

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