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is changing the way freelancing works for both the freelancer and customers, focusing on bringing increased levels of reliability to the freelancing industry. The future of freelancing will be on the blockchain! ICO starts in January!

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What is Blocklancer?


Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ) on the Ethereum Blockchain. Blocklancer is our vision of a completely self-regulatory platform for finding jobs and getting projects done efficiently and fairly. Blocklancer is changing the way freelancing works for both the freelancer and customers, focusing on creating a more trustworthy platform all stakeholders can rely on.

Find jobs

Finding jobs easily even without knowing what a Blockchain is. You can search for jobs on our job market platform and build your reputation as a freelancer to garner the attention of customers needing to hire someone with your skillset. Simplicity is a core feature of the Blocklancer platform.

Work on Dispute Resolution

Tokenholders take part in the process of dispute resolution. This way the Blocklancer platform is not just a place for freelancers and clients. Blocklancer is also a place for professionals, who can offer their expertise to evaluate the work of other freelancers. Moreover these Tokenholders get rewarded in the crypto-economic model of Blocklancer for offering their expertise.

Get Projects or Jobs Done

Need to get a project finished? No problem! Simply create a job offer on Blocklancer and wait for freelancers to take you up on your offer OR seek out and directly contact trustworthy, community-rated freelancers. It’s as easy as it gets!

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With this project, we aim to tackle several major issues present in the freelancing world today. Some of these problems include: fake reviews, reliably getting paid and the uncontrollable influence of a central authority.

Guaranteed Payment

On Blocklancer, you only have to pay if you are 100% satisfied with the work performance or when certain project milestones are reached. In case of a dispute, the Tokenholders will decide the outcome. Never again will you encounter an unfair money loss due to unilateral decisions made by a biased centralized authority.

Fair Dispute Settlement

Never depend on a single, centralized authority to settle your disputes again. With our Tokenholder Tribunal, the decision lies in the hands of thousands for Tokenholders, guaranteeing a fair decision.

Low Fees

Blocklancer fees are only 3% per job, several times lower than existing freelancing platforms. Freelancing will finally be a lucrative AND reliable way of earning money!

No Censorship

Due to Blocklancer being built on the Ethereum blockchain, your job offers cannot be deleted under any circumstances. Political correctness and personal feelings do not play a role on Blocklancer because the blockchain is incorruptible.

The lancer token


The Lancer Token (LNC) is our utility token. Tokenholders participate in The Tokenholder Tribunal and are rewarded for settling the disputes between freelancers and their clients.

Tokenholders Earn Platform Fees

The fees earned from completed jobs on the Blocklancer platform will be distributed among Tokenholders who participate in the dispute resolution process.

Tokenholders Can Access Premium Features

Tokenholders get access to premium features on the platform, including a better visibility of job offers and in-depth profile statistics.

Tokenholders Keep The System Running

Each time there is a dispute, The Tokenholder Tribunal will be given a vote, fairly settling disputes between freelancers and their customer.

The Crypto-Economic Model


The Tokenholder Tribunal (THT) constitutes the core of the Blocklancer ecosystem. The THT is an incentive system that rewards Tokenholders for participating in the dispute resolution process.

3 major components: The Platforms, the THT and the Reward Pool
Platform fees are collected in the Reward Pool
Disputes are sent to the Tokenholder Tribunal
Decisions are made by the Tokenholder Tribunal
Competent Tokenholders are rewarded
The THT and the Reward Pool are decoupled from the Blocklancer platform and can be accessed via an API

The Tokenholder Tribunal Game


It is well known that it is an additional motivation for many people to have the possibility of leveling up or of collecting items. The THT offers these by an in-build level system and the possibility of winning badges.


Tokenholders start with a base level and can reach higher levels by competently resolving disputes.

Social Recognition

Because the level and the badges are publicly visible, they serve as a form of social recognition. Tokenholders with high levels and many badges will be perceived as competent.

Win Badges

Tokenholders can unlock badges for certain achievements, like 'the first vote' or 'ten consecutive correct votes' .

ICO - Pricing and Conditions


During our Initial Coin Offering, everyone is able to purchase the Lancer Token (LNC). Funds raised will be used to build-out the Blocklancer platform vision.


Token Lancer
Symbol LNC
Technology Ethereum
Maximum Cap $10M
Date January
Goal $1M
  • Power day with 12,000 LNC : 1 ETH

  • After power day: 10,000 LNC : 1 ETH for first 10 Million Tokens

  • Rate decreases by 1% for every 10 Million Tokens sold

  • Minimum rate is 7,000 LNC : 1 ETH

  • Blocklancers fees are distributed amongst Tokenholders

  • LNC is a tradeable token

ICO spendings



Concept Creation

The formalization of the initial idea.

Q1/Q2 2017

Smart Contracts

The implementation of the smart contracts with Solidity.

Q2 2017

Demo Version

Demo version is released and available prior to the ICO pre-sale. Contributors are able to explore the Blocklancer platform before contributing to the pre-sale.

Sep 2017


Lancer Tokens are sold during the ICO pre-sale period with a bonus. The Max cap was reached in less than 3-days.

Sep 2017

Alpha Release

The alpha version of Blocklancer will be released. The smart contracts will be deployed in the Ethereum Testnet. Feedback from the users will be directly used for improving the platform.

Oct/Nov 2017


The public tokensale goes online.

Jan 2018

Beta Release

A stable version of the platform will be released in the Ethereum Testnet.

Q1 2018

Blocklancer Release

After extensive testing of the Beta version the Blocklancer platform will be finally deployed in the Ethereum Mainnet.

Q2 2018

Improvements of the Usability UX/UI

The usability of the platform will be improved step-by-step. A mobile version of Blocklancer will be released for iOS and Android.

Q3 2018

Decentralize Everything

Storage on the platform will be decentralized. Together, with our Ties.Network partners, we will work on solving this problem. Moreover, we will work on solutions to decentralize the communication between freelancers and clients (Whisper protocol).

Q3 2018

Marketing - Extending Userbase

We will begin a big marketing effort to bring freelancers and clients onto the platform.

Q3 2018

Further Improvements / Stability & Support

The Blocklancer platform and mobile apps will be further improved upon.

Q4 2018 ongoing


No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.

(Halford E. Luccock)

Michael Kaiser

Michael Kaiser

CEO/CTO, co-founder

Michael combines the best of 2 worlds. He is a businessperson and a computer scientist. As an alumnus from the commercial college in Kitzbühel and having a degree in computer science, he combines both, the technical know-how needed to create an advanced job market system on the Blockchain and the economical expertise to run a successful company. On one hand, he is able to understand the underlying mechanics of the market and the needs of the many people involved, but on the other hand, he is also an enthusiastic computer scientist and coder. He is able to recognize the economic potential of new technologies much faster than anyone else, because he has the knowledge to understand the technology in depth, and his expertise in economics empowers him to realize the practicability of new developments and the economic impacts they will have.

Michael Kaiser

Christof Kurzemann

CFO, co-founder

Christof is a business economist. Numbers, tables and diagrams are his passion. Besides this, he has been studying the global economy and worldwide political events for many years. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and politics from the University of Innsbruck. At present he completes his master's degree in Management at the renowned Vienna University of Economics and Business. Christof is also an enthusiastic autoditact and has a technical education in electronics as well. He is co-founder of Lambda Dynamics and is inspired by technical innovations. Christof has already worked for many global players. In recent years, he was able to carry out numerous projects for large companies. For this reason, he contributes the essential know-how in terms of Management and Marketing to the Blocklancer team.

Sabrina Kaiser

Sabrina Kaiser

COO, co-founder

Sabrina is a creative mind with organizational skills. She is a trained office management assistant and has devoted much of her youth to improving her skills with the pen. She is an exceptional artist and knows exactly, how an appealing webpage, software or platform should look like. She is an expert in UX design and works closely together with the front-end development team to bring the usability of our applications to new highs. Furthermore, she has the skills needed to run, organize and work on a project as large as Blocklancer. Looking back on her many years of experience, she is an invaluable addition to this team and has the ability to carry this project on her shoulders.

Kevin Kaiser

Kevin Kaiser

CIO, co-founder

Kevin has a vast knowledge of computers and programming, as well as a sizeable amount of experience from projects he has worked on in his free time. He experienced the hard life of freelancers and knows exactly, what is the best way to bring clients and freelancers together. Being an autodidact programmer has never held him back, quite on the contrary, it has given him the possibility to concentrate on the most important parts of programming and to specialize in the fields that interest him the most. That is: Cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain and C++.

Together with Michael he leads the development of the backend and the smart contracts.

Alexander Thellmann

Alexander Thellmann

Community Manager & Content Creator

Contributor at

Advisory Board

Christian Wirthensohn

MMag. Dr. Christian Wirthensohn

Legal Advisor

Cordula Kreidl

Mag. (FH) Cordula Kreidl, MA

International Strategies and Marketing

Chris Abdey

Chris Abdey

Client Retention and Customer Management






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